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We use Paypal for all transactions. If you are unknowledgable or otherwise uncomfortable with this format or have any questions feel free to CONTACT us and I'm sure we can figure something out. The rates below are the rates for domestic shipping within the US only. For shipping elsewhere we add a $3.99 fee per package, regardless of how many items it includes. Be sure to "Add to cart" at the bottom of this page where it says EXPORT for this service to take effect. That is the item which represents the extra shipping fee. 

Time of product arrival will vary depending on destination. Your purchased product should be mailed within days of us recieving your order. If you have questions regarding your order feel free to contact us and we will update you on its status. 

Thank you for using the Ol' Mustard Bastard Shoppe


XXXPteradactyl  CD  $9.99 (+s/h 1.99)


Same Side of the Booth    CD  $9.99 (+s/h 1.99)


lopster    CD  $9.99 (+s/h 1.99)


Own The Mustard Bastard Box Set, 3 Albums, 4 CDs: XXXpteradactyl,
Same Side of the Booth, lopster, for only
$22.99 (+s/h 1.99)

You save $10.96


Yes, I want The Mustard Bastard Box Set  for  $22.99 (+s/h 1.99)


For shipping outside of the US you must add this item to your order ($3.99)




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