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Yes, we agree. XXXPteradactyl is a mouthful. XXXPteradactyl is heroin, is
apocalypse, is pain-folk, pretentious in that it aspires again that same
old dirt-road journey for unadorned truth, attempting to discern a self
amongst so much gray matter information rage, grasping for a time when art
still possessed an aura of importance beyond fickle discourse and archive.
In such a time, to live or die, man pressed on.

"Same Side of the Booth" corresponds to above mentioned as a kind of afterbirth, drawing from a lighter palette, man awakes from fevered dreams
with a new eye and surprising appetite. "SSotB" is a collection of moments, sketches, images: here is the boy who's father flies a jetplane in the sky,
here is poor cherokee rose floating down the colorado, bug-eyed jim tapping tapping and who ran away with santa anna's leg?

The first CD features 26 interpretations of both well-known and obscure
tunes by mostly american, mostly dead, song-writers such as Woody Guthrie, Charlie Pride, and Hank Williams. The second CD "Little Monster" both
caresses and scratches, fumbles and manages with 16 original recordings.

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