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                                    A Radiotelegraphy of Hope


 Tracing the hidden airwaves with sinister honesty and wonder the mustard bastard has reimagined
the end of times, a fragmented world of despair but also promise, a sad trumpet yields, a baby
wants her daddy, a sudden accordion misfires.

XXXPteradactyl encompasses a  journey from heartbreak to heartbreak; a bladerunner in pasadena, texas, goes for a ride, Thouraeu ventures out of the woods, through abandoned coalmines and shopping malls,  here lies america in the flesh, dream-belly up, the dangling bits of some kind of hope urging you to rethink the likelyhood of your existence as you know it.

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Up on the Mountain (Video)

Waiting Around To Die (Video)

Ten Songs (Lyrixs)

A Mustard Gallery (artwork)


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